Every small business — with dreams of growth and expansion — realizes technology enhances business

productivity. Of course, not every small business can allocate funds to staff an IT department — or in some

cases even have an IT professional on call.

For most small businesses, IT experts on-site are chiefly managing tactical issues — leaving little time for

maintenance, monitoring, and planning when it comes to nurturing a strategic, effective IT strategy. For most small businesses, a virtual CIO (chief information officer) is an exceptional alternative to restaffing or expanding an internal IT department.

What is a Virtual CIO?
Virtual CIOs are a portfolio of IT services delivered by today’s Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for small businesses. Virtual CIO is a title — and a service — combining tasks managed and maintained by chief information officers, chief technology officers, and technology consultants.

Virtual CIOs take care of everything from infrastructure management, firewall and virus protection to WAN/LAN health monitoring, disaster recovery, scheduled on-site support, and more — all with a focus on keeping data safe, secure, and accessible 24/7. Virtual CIOs proactively monitor, measure, and maintain the IT health and security of business inside an IT budget structure. In most instances, customized for today’s SMBs.

How do virtual CIOs help small businesses? From technology roadmaps to IT infrastructure management and more, virtual CIOs benefit today’s SMBs access and operate the innovative business technologies available to them, with remote and on-site support, consultation, and troubleshooting.

Technology Roadmap
Having a forward-thinking vision of where you want your business to be, as well as goals for immediate improvements is essential to any successful enterprise. Virtual CIOs provide IT plans and strategies that help small businesses leverage IT solutions to fulfill short- and long-term business goals.

Security and Disaster Planning
The best time for a disaster recovery plan is before a small business requires one. With Virtual CIO services, enterprises benefit from disaster strategy development that allows for quick response and business productivity protection in the event of an outage or natural disaster.

Security is quickly becoming a top priority for all businesses as breaches occur more frequently and carry more severe repercussions. Small businesses are not immune to attacks simply because their data sets are smaller. Virtual CIOs provide consistent security planning and disaster planning plus monitoring to keep data flowing safely.

IT Maintenance, Monitoring, and Management
Comprehensive and consistent IT management is the difference between suffering disruptive productivity gaps and maintaining seamless operational productivity. Virtual CIOs deliver not only day-to-day monitoring and maintenance of IT performance and productivity but also comprehensive IT management to keep business processes functioning at peak efficiency.

24/7 Specialized IT Expertise
Even with an in-house IT department, sometimes it can be challenging to ensure that you have the right talent for all IT-related issues. Having a Virtual CIO gives a small business great peace of mind with constant IT monitoring and reporting.

Many SMBs want to leverage technology — cloud accounting solutions, customer relationship management software and much more — but lack the necessary expertise and personnel to do so. By investigating and finding the right virtual CIO to compliment and guide their IT infrastructure, performance, and overall strategy, an SMB may discover not only an exceptional IT authority but also a technology partner and trusted adviser.


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